Shadow game

Play the shadow game! Do you see the shadow of Pat & Mat and the various objects? Draw a line from the coloured image towards the shadow. Did you find them all? Congratulations & Ajeto! You can play the shadow game by clicking download/print knop on the right!

Spot the differences

Look for the differences in the bottom picture. 5 things are different compared to the picture on top. We will supply you with a hint: either there is something missing or something added. Or it might have a different color. Go and look for it! 

Pat & Mat Game App

In addition to the existing free game app, there are now NEW games and challenges added in the app from Pat & Mat. The walls are decorated and painted. Pat & Mat have finished their new 3D living room.



Funny games!

Birthday Page

Make your own fun birthday decoration products. Cupcakes, flags and lot’s more. A guaranteed success on every party!

Creative Play

Create your own shoe box viewer, collect an old shoebox and start creating your mini Pat & Mat room.


Great fun with great games and challenges. And off course free download! AJETO!